Monday, 13 August 2012

It Is A Zig and Zag

It's a yey ! Grab an outer in Danarhadi Batik and i felt in love at the first sight with this stuff. And the more yey is, it is a batik. Very proud of  this Indonesian original culture.

Zigzag batik pattern on those outer is just so eye catchy, and it made from dobby cotton. Decided to mix it with A-line skirt on peach color. Kind a perfect match to get a balance from the outer. And those skirt, got it for only 20k in thrift store. Another yey ! 

Unbranded headbands as necklaces

For the accsesories, I wore a headbands as necklaces, colorful bracelet and a scarf for a belt. See above, the scarf have a gradation pattern on it.

So excited to play with pattern next time !



Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Lazy Monday

This holiday goin to be such a boring thing with nowhere vacation. And this is Monday, much people hates Monday. But yes I'll try to make today lil bit fun.

  Wear a soft cream shirt as a top, and mini skirt. Put a white long socks  to give a different look on it.

Milika Wedges Mustard Brown

How to get the look ?

Broken tie dye pattern on skirt, with the zipper details.

This necklace is one of my favorites necklace, the peacocks feather, i just love it.

Unbranded shirt and skirt, Milika wedges shoes, The Little Things She Needs Peacock Necklace

Cheer up your Monday!



Sunday, 5 August 2012

Featured VRY

This time I would like to share about my opportunity to got a featured with VRY. VRY is a local clothing brand from Surabaya. Brand that live with dream and purpose to make people show their individual power. VRY, Simplify Things.
It is really good to know that our local brand especially from Surabaya grow surely. And they makes very good products. And now, I got featured with one of them. VRY have a rubric that present peoples whose got their own style and share it for others, the name is IBY (Inspired By You).

Check it out :

Because it is Inspired By You, so i get my own things to mix and match. Here they are :

The Little Things She Needs necklace

Unbranded ring from somewhere in Bali

You can shop VRY stuffs HERE . Thankyou so much VRY, keep on your way beautifully ;)



Thursday, 2 August 2012

Get Back From Routines

Hola. And i just don't know how to start it, it's been 4 months since my last post. And I miss this thing sooo much, well actually I'm not really leave my blog alone. When I open my homescreen web I often read my prev post. But you know, mood lead me to another stuffs in this network page.
If you are wondering what I've done on this several months, I'm going to answer it. First, I got my college stuffs like always, been busy to done this semester. And yes, like other people does, grab so much things in real world. As simple as that.
Now, the greatest part is, if you remember, I told you before that I have a folk accoustic band. YES I'm working on it. We (re: me and boys in the band) already launch a single. Yey ! The single title is Sore, it means afternoon in indonesian language. Have I told you what is my band ? It is Senandung Sore. Wanna hear wanna hear? Sore by Senandung Sore (click this link to download our single for free)

And you can also visit this link bellow to know more about us :

Tumblr :
Twitter : @SenandungSore
Soundcloud :
LastFm : Senandung Sore

Beside recording, I also took photos with them. Let's see :

Brilyan P - guitaris

Nurina - Lead Vocal

Wanda - Guitaris

left-right : Indra, Dewo, Brilyan, Suci, Nuna, Wanda
Taken by : Dewo, Suci.
Loc : Pondok Tjandra

Now we still working for our next songs , wish us always get the luck and the ideas and a good team work , thanks to our friends who helped the photosession.



Friday, 6 April 2012

Cloudy Friday

Today is a holiday. And I'm not in a fit condition. And the worse is, im feeling insecure. One of the worst feeling in the world i think, beside sad. I just feeling like everythings getting bored (no,it's not about my relationship) and I just dont know why I feeling like this anyway. Honestly I had a lil fight with my boy this morning, and you know every crush always makes me sad. I just need a space to really really understand my self. What do I want ? Maybe is just a bad temper as always, but I don't know, even sleep and cry can't make me feel better today.